ACE Led E27 A60 Filament 470lm 6W Dimmable Ø60mm

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ACE Led E27 A60 Filament 470lm 6W Dimmable Ø60mm
E27, Led Filament, 470lm, 6W, CRI=90, 2200K, A+, Ø60mm
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€30.25 incl. btw

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Kelvin is the unit to express the color temperature of light.
The lower the color temperature, the warmer the light is experienced.
Standard daylight is seen as a cold color and has a value of 6500K.
Candlelight has a warmer color temperature with a value of 1200K.

The Color rendering index is the English term for the color rendering index.
This index says something about how colors are displayed in a certain light.
The CRI of a lamp is indicated by a number between 0 and 100.
Natural daylight leans most to 100 and gives them the most correct color rendering.

The amount of light is expressed in lumen and represents the amount of visible light that a light source emits. A 60W incandescent lamp can be compared with 700 to 800 lm. This unit of luminous flux is the total amount of light from a light beam and is dependent on the power and the color.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Glass
Brand ACE Lighting
Colour Transparant
Colors Transparent