Lee Broom

Lee Broom

Lee Broom is one of the most leading product- and interior designers within the United Kingdom.

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He has been awarded more than 20 international prizes, including “Designer of the year” at the British Design Awards 2011. When talking about Broom, we speak of an international design brand, including very original luxury furniture and light fixtures. Lee Broom has been designing interiors and products for other international brands such as Christian Louboutin and Mulberry. His designs are always a combination of craftsmanship, heritage and modernity and they are to admire in restaurants, hotels as well as in the domestic interior.

Broom chooses for a classical style and traditional materials, which he interprets in a new and contemporary way.The importance of the production process is an integral part of Brooms’ philosophy.He strongly supports the British production techniques and works closely together with specialized and traditional craftsmen from concept to final product.

His work is to be seen internationally in the most design and interior publications. The Times has nominated him the ‘pin-up’ of the British industry due to his fast blossoming in de de design world.

Inspired by his background in the fashion world, Broom strives for constantly renewing his products and themes, while preserving the identity of the brand. Lee Broom assures the use of high quality materials, including Carrara marble and crystal from Czech Republic.