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Occhio Gioia lamps

The Occhio Gioia (/ˈd͡ʒɔ.ja/) lamps consist of three sub brands: Gioia equilibrio, Gioia lettura en Gioia tavolo. The design of these lamps allows you to use them as table lamp or desk lamp. The bigger Gioia Lettura can only serve as a floor lamp.

Typically, this collection features a streamlined design and user-friendliness. All three share the following similarites: a ring-shaped LED bulb that provides illumination top and bottom with a wide range thanks to its 30cm size. Additionally, there is a wide light effect installed which creates an indirect symmetrically light effect through the upper part. The bottom light, on the other hand, features an assymetric light effect providing as much light as possible. There is also the option of "focus light" which allows you to focus the light at the bottom on a particular place.

The head is 360° rotatable and detachable. These lights can be adjusted in any direction or height according to your need and environment. The head and the two-piece stand can each be rotated 360° horizontally. Finally, the color temperature (2700-4000 K) can be set flawlessly via Occhio Air or "hands-free control".

These Occhio Gioia lamps vary in size and length, each finding a place in your home.

Gioia equilibrio

Similar to the other Gioia lamps, the Gioia equilibrio has a ring-shaped LED bulb that provides light both at the top and bottom of the head piece which measures 30cm. Both the upper and lower part of the neck are 360° reversible. With its modern look, Gioia equilibrio looks great on any desk or table. Finished with aluminum and steel, and a monochromatic color, its sleek design immediately stands out. This version is smaller than the Gioia lettura.

Gioia lettura

Gioia lettura varies from its fellow lamps by its distinct length. This lamp can extend up to 1.66m, thus functioning as a floor and reading lamp. Perfect for the living room, next to your desk or in your comfortable reading corner! Also you can turn the head piece completely horizontal, as well as the stand itself. In other words, you can enjoy a full 360° light comfort wherever you sit. Want more light in your sitting area to better read your books? Then use the "focus light" to direct the light from below.

Gioia tavolo

The Gioia tavolo may be smaller but it is certainly not inferior to its larger variants because the Gioia tavolo also has a head of 30cm with the same lighting attributes as the Gioia equilibrio and Gioia lettura. The light intensity is the same, namely between 2700-400K, with possibility of dimming. Thanks to its small size (max. 750mm), it functions best as a table or desk lamp. Perfect also on a bedside table during late-night readings.