“We are who we are and we don’t like to blend into the mass.”

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Modular Lighting is a trendsetter in high-end architectural lighting. The Belgian brand was founded in 1980 by a team of quirky designers and the best technicians, who always anticipate on the latest technologies. For more than 35 years they have distinguished themselves from the rest by bringing out technical highlights with the looks of an elegant and challenging design. This results in bold designs, which always are a bit different than usual.

With their gutsy campaigns, they want to be active worldwide and still remain loyal to their original roots. Modular is known on all continents, except Antarctica. The goal of this global brand is to produce the right lighting with the right strength for a suitable space. Creativity and technology are crucial for the Modular family.

The Nomad collection includes a very well-known series of versatile and minimalist lighting. The modern and inspiring lamps from Modular are all one by one eye-catchers.