Spots are the solution to every dark corner that needs to be enlightened, especially when combined with a rail system. This allows you to only need one light point to reach a full room. Our selection consists of a wide variation in recessed, surface mounted and track spotlights.

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A spotlight does everything

A spotlight is one of the most practical ways to illuminate a room. They can come alone, which is very handy to highlight something, or in pairs or more. In larger numbers, they are ideal for providing a room with atmosphere and light. Whatever you need, a spotlight can solve it.

Spotlights come in all sizes, models and colours. At Wever & Ducré you can find everything from built-in to surface-mounted, from a square to a round spotlight. A classic example is the black surface-mounted spotlight. This one thrives easily in all atmospheres. In contrast to recessed spotlights, surface-mounted spotlights are not mounted to the ceiling. For this reason, a lot of work is done on the design of these spotlights and there is something to find for everyone!

If you like a clean ceiling, recessed spotlights are the ideal lighting for you. They blend completely into the ceiling without losing any of their function. After all, many recessed spotlights are adjustable, so you have absolute freedom of choice.

Spotlights are not only found on the ceiling. They can also be found on the wall. The wall spotlights are the ideal option when you want to highlight a work of art or a frame.

Economical and full control

Would you like a little more control? Then an adjustable rail spotlight with a dimming function might be something for you! The rails allow you to move the spotlights along their entire length. Ideal when you want to try something different. And if it gets a bit too much, just turn back the spotlight with the dimmer.

Do you prefer not to pay too much on your energy bill at the end of the month? Then take a look at the energy-efficient LED spotlights! They combine all the advantages we are used to from the spotlight with low consumption and increased durability.