Rechargeable Lamps

Rechargeable Lamps

Our rechargeable table lamps are a true luxury. They are wireless, light weight and thanks to their ability to recharge they're easy to take with anywhere you go, whether indoors or outdoors. Adventure is calling, will you light the way?

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Want to buy rechargeable lamps?

Convenient and portable: From cozy lighting on your patio table to romantic light on your bedside table! The rechargeable lamps are ideal for any setting and occasion. It can be challenging to provide good lighting in an area without an extension cord or socket. That is why we at ACE Lighting offer a wide range of rechargeable lamps, so that you can enjoy atmospheric lighting in any place. These lamps are equipped with a battery and have low energy consumption due to the integrated LED lamp.

Why we love rechargeable lamps

Put an end to clumsy fumbling with extension cords by making use of a rechargeable lamp. No cords, no ugly mess, and a wide selection of different styles to ensure options for every home. Perfect for dark corners with no outlets or as accent lighting, or even as a useful desk lamp. Table lamps are truly unique and add a modern touch.

The kaleidoscopic use of rechargeable lamps

These cordless lamps can truly go anywhere! Our indoor and outdoor rechargeable lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Use them decoratively on a bookshelf, or to shine light into a reading nook in one of the many "plug deserts." Furthermore, rechargeable outdoor lights can act as a beautiful decorative piece for a nighttime pool party or provide beautiful, ambient lighting for an evening dinner party. The total freedom from plugs and wires makes battery-powered lamps, rechargeable lamps in particular, a convenient option that fits anywhere and is sure to last a long time.

Table lamps with built-in rechargeable batteries

Interested in buying table lamps with rechargeable batteries? Take a look at the popular rechargeable table lamps by Flos: The Flos Bon Jour unplugged table lamp. 

Buying rechargeable outdour lamps

Want to buy rechargeable outdour lamps with battery? Have a look into our collection of outdour lamps with batteries.