Foscarini Aplomb

Foscarini Aplomb

A special, exclusively formulated concrete plays the leading role in the Aplomb lamps. The particularly large and slender design of the Aplomb Large pendant lamp diffuses a wide beam of light.

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Aplomb - concrete and skill

Foscarini's Aplomb is manufactured by Italian experts through an artisanal process of concrete processing. The challenge in this project was to obtain slim thicknesses, lightweight shapes and a textured surface that is still pleasant to the touch.

All this was achieved thanks to the meticulous care and in-depth knowledge of the raw material, which allowed the creation of a special mixture that is particularly flexible when poured into the mould.

Foscarini provides Aplomb in several colours, depending on the type of design, such as white, grey and brown. These are made with pigments added directly to the material mixture to meet different setting requirements. The last colour to be added to the Aplomb collection is a beautiful Anthracite black. The Aplomb Anthracite reminds one of the black intensity of charcoal, which fits nicely in an industrial or architectural setting.

The Aplomb can be placed over a table, kitchen island or counter, at home or in a public space, and is perfect for use on its own or repeated in linear compositions.