Lighting Advice

Advice tailored to your needs

Our light consultants offer professional, tailor-made lighting advice. Together we look at a suitable lighting plan for every type of space. With over 35 years of experience in the lighting industry, we have solid knowledge in the field of light and electricity.

Convinced to use our service? Send us all your questions and useful information such as floor plans with dimensions, photos and mood boards. This way we can optimally prepare for an advisory meeting. We can also visit on site if desired.

During a first appointment we discuss your wishes, the space and the possibilities. Based on this, we generate different ideas for an appropriate lighting solution.

Don't have your own electrician or installer? Don't worry, we offer our own installation service.

Every first call is completely free of charge. Further follow-up of a lighting advice is linked to different rates. This is how we want to give value to our knowledge and experience. If you wish to proceed with the total realization of your project by the ACE Lighting team, you will receive all costs back in the form of a discount on the purchase price. Our rates therefore only apply as an advance and are deducted when the order of designer lighting is placed. In this way, a successful advice from us is always completely free of charge.

For various professionals

We also provide lighting advice to architects and professional installers.

If you are an architect and your project requires a lighting study, please feel free to contact us. We will invite you and your client to our showrooms for expert advice from one of our light consultants. We form the bridge between architect, electrician and client and immerse ourselves in the technical aspects of the lighting project. In this way we build further on the architect's concept and ensure that the installation takes place correctly.

If you are an electrician or installer and you need a lighting plan for your construction site, please send us in advance the electrical plans and - if available - additional photos. We would then like to invite you for a technical discussion with one of our lighting experts. Following that, we ask your customer to drop by and choose fit luminaires from the wide range in our showrooms. Finally, we provide you with all the information about the chosen luminaires and the preparations needed to realize the lighting project.

For various industries

In addition to residential projects, we also make lighting proposals for projects in various industries such as hospitality, retail, office and the public spaces; in Belgium as well as abroad.


Lighting design (including presentation of products, price quotation and hand drawn plan)

Apartment (50 up to 150 m²): € 400

House: € 800

Professional project (hospitality, retail, office and public space): upon request


On-site visit: € 50 / h

Digital plan: € 100 / h

3D renders: upon request

Dialux light calculation: upon request

Installation (including transport fees, minimum half or full day)

Half day (5 h): € 350

Full day (10 h): € 600

*All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.

In need of advice?

Send us your request for advice here. We handle all inquires as soon as possible. You can upload attachments to support your message.