Tom Dixon Melt

Tom Dixon Melt

Tom Dixon's Melt collection came about as a result of a drive to create an imperfect, organic and naturalistic lighting object. It was eventually realised in collaboration with the Swedish design collective FRONT. The Tom Dixon Melt collection evokes the image of molten glass, the inside of a melting glacier or even of deep space. A collection worthy to be shown in the living room, entrance hall, or in public spaces such as a gallery, shop window display, restaurant or hotel.

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Tom Dixon Melt - bright and pictorial

Introducing Melt

These Melt lamps are created by a process of blow moulding and vacuum metallization to produce molten spheres with abundant and unusual brightness. For several years, Melt worked with some of the forerunners of German engineering and manufacturing to develop these techniques and produce lamps that offer the latest in reflectivity and transparency.

Perfect in your space

The Melt collection consists of wall, pendant, table and floor lamps; all made with the same beautiful molten finish. You have a wide selection of lamps within this collection and can display these beautiful lamps to visitors in your chosen space. With its artistic style, we warmly recommend a Melt lamp for in your home such as in living room, entrance hall, but also in public spaces such as galleries, museums, shop window displays, restaurants or hotels.

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