Track Systems

Track Systems

Track lighting offers the most flexible and personalised solution to combat the lack of light at home. Various options are available. Here you get an overview of track systems, connectors or electrical joint pieces as well as lighting fixtures.

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One power supply

A rail system is one of the most individual ways of lighting. It is very sophisticated and easily expandable. One of the main reasons for choosing a rail system instead of a ceiling lamp is simple: rail systems only need one power supply. In addition, rails also allow you to work in several lighting zones and combine different lamp styles. In this way you can combine spotlights and pendant lamps flawlessly and still use the same connection.

Wall or ceiling

A rail system does not have to be limited. You can endlessly connect rail elements (curves and straight sections) to create a seamless transition between the kitchen and the living room. You can find both recessed and surface-mounted versions. You can even hang a rail system vertically against the wall.

Track Lighting - Flexible and easy

One power supply

A track system is one of the most flexible lighting solutions. It is sophisticated and easy to install and expandable at any time. Rails allow you to create multiple lighting zones from a single light point. Moreover, you can combine spotlights and pendant lights flawlessly and still use the same power supply.

Step 1: choose the right track system

KURO. Track 1F tracks

The simplest lighting track is the single phase (or single circuit) track (1F); thin, minimalistic and easy to connect, suitable for 3-wire light points (L: phase wire, N: neutral wire and the earth wire). The connected light fittings will therefore only operate on one phase. This means that all connected light fittings on the track will simultaneously go on/off or into the selected dimming mode.

The single-phase track is perfect for when you only have one light point in the room and want to install a track system with a classic design. If you want a wider range of lighting fixtures, such as spotlights or pendant lights, then we recommend a three phase track.

KURO. single phase tracks are available in the sizes 1.5m or 2m, and in black or white.

KURO. Track 3F tracks

The main difference between a three-phase (or three-circuits) track (3F) and a single-phase track is that the three-phase track allows up to three circuits to be operated separately from each other.

This is because the three-phase track contains three circuits (L1, L2 and L3), suitable for a 5-core wire. You can decide which lamps to connect to which circuit, allowing you to switch on more or fewer lamps.

A three-phase track can function as a single-phase track without any problems (on a 3-wire light circuit) but you will have to connect the spotlights all to the same circuit and operate them via the same switch or dimmer.

The advantage is that the range of light fittings for the three-phase track is much larger.

Eutrac 3F tracks

Eutrac is a well-known player in the track systems and parts industry. At ACE Lighting, we offer the modular and flexible EUTRAC 3F.

The EUTRAC 3F works like any three-phase track and more. It is a three-phase track suitable for light fixtures with ON- and IN-track technology, as well as spotlights and pendant lamps using the more stylistic IN-track base.

In our selection, all IN-track models fit on a EUTRAC 3F track, thus our most flexible track!

Among others, you will find Eutrac parts, such as end caps, that fit all three-phase tracks. The EUTRAC 3F tracks, like all track systems in our selection, are made of aluminium and can be cut with a hacksaw and mitre box or an electric hacksaw.

Ceiling or wall

A track system doesn't have to be limiting. You can endlessly interconnect track elements to provide a seamless transition between e.g. the kitchen and the living room.

To do so, you use different connectors, joint pieces and feeds to achieve the desired arrangement. For example, you can run a track from one side of the room to the other to easily illuminate dark problem areas with no light point.

Alternatively, you can have tracks suspended for aesthetic value or as a solution for an uneven ceiling; pendant sets are therefore commonly available.

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