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Unique lighting shop in Antwerp

Over 35 years ago, ACE was originally founded as an electricity shop. Today we are the number one reference in the field of design lighting in the Antwerp area. At our shops in Kammenstraat you will find a surprising mix of very exclusive lighting and affordable design. In addition, as a lighting specialist we also have three flagship brand stores that are entirely devoted to a specific brand, a first and unique for the Belgian market. ACE Lighting is therefore anything but your average lighting shop.

Tailor-made expertise by professionals

We provide customized lighting expertise at our various showrooms. With tailor-made lighting advice, we try to respond as much as possible to your personal story. A successful light project always starts with the story of the customer. We listen to what you like and find out what you really want. Together we create the right solution for your project step by step.

During a light study appointment at our engineering office, we also take into account the architecture and interior of the each home, space or project. We want to create the right atmosphere in each space so that the purpose of the room is fully supported by the lighting. Lighting therefore has a huge impact on the way a space is experienced.

Passionate lighting specialists

Our team consists of lighting specialists, each of whom is an expert in their own field. One provides you with advice at our lighting shops in Antwerp, the other draws your lighting plans meticulously. They have one thing in common: they are all passionate about lighting design.

Moreover, our team also focuses on the technical aspect of lighting. They immerse themselves in new technologies and are constantly looking for better products and innovative designs. The result of that search is a high-quality selection of designer lighting that you will find at our lighting shops in Antwerp as well as in our online shop.

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