Are you looking to style your new project with design lighting? At ACE Lighting we are happy to help you find the perfect match. With a design lamp, you invest in both beauty and quality. In our range you will find more than 70 top-tier brands of design lamps fit for every space and style. In stock today, shipped tomorrow.

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Stylish lighting for every room

At ACE Lighting you will find a very wide range of lighting fixtures. A classic pendant lamp for a country-style kitchen, a retro rechargeable table lamp for the bedroom, a dimmable desk lamp for your workplace, an iconic fixture as an eye-catcher in a modern living room, ... We provide unique design lighting for your home, but we also offer the perfect light fixtures for retail, office and hospitality spaces. Thanks to the right lighting, every room is bathed in a beautiful glow. Combine different light fixtures for the perfect balance between atmospheric and functional indoor lighting. Or, for example, opt for a pendant luminaire that you can easily dim. This way you always adjust the light intensity depending on the desired context.

Choosing the right designer lighting

Designer lighting is available in an infinite number of styles and designs. How about wooden light fixtures for a natural feel in the bedroom? Or opt for a pendant luminaire in bronze brass for a trendy touch in the living room. Above the desk it is best to provide a glare-free lamp in a sleek fixture to create the ideal working environment. Large lighting fixtures attract all the attention, while a lamp with a fine fixture acts as a subtle mood definer. Of course, your indoor lighting does not have to be limited to one lamp. Let different colours, materials and designers inspire you. Mix and match different light fixtures and determine the ideal design lighting for your home or business! Haven't found what you're looking for yet? Contact our lighting experts for free advice.