34 designers, 21 materials, 48 finishes, 32 colours and 213 different models are coming together in a collection of individual lamps, each with a unique story and surprising beauty.

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  1. Foscarini Twiggy Reading Floor Lamp
    As low as €1,197.90
  2. Foscarini Twiggy Ceiling Lamp
    As low as €1,222.10
  3. Foscarini Twice As Twiggy Floor Lamp
    As low as €7,056.72
  4. Foscarini Tress Mini Pendant
    As low as €538.45
  5. Foscarini Tress Small Hanglamp
    As low as €631.62
  6. Foscarini Tress Medium Pendant
    As low as €871.20
  7. Foscarini Tress Grande Pendant
    As low as €1,488.30
  8. Foscarini Tress Small Wall Light
    As low as €462.22
  9. Foscarini Tress Large Wall Light
    As low as €511.83
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Although the lamps emit a certain simplicity, they are often the result of complex technologies.

In 1981 Foscarini is established in Murano (Venice), by Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato. Two years later the first collection was born, then only from the hand of Urbinati and Vecchiato themselves. In contrast to the other glass- and light- companies on the island of Murano, Foscarini does not limit themselves to merely one technique, which is how they differentiate. Foscarini grows and Rodolfo Dordoni, amongst many others, designs for the brand, Lumiere 05 becomes the first big success in 1990.

Also Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto design for the company which stands for passion, energy, talent and intuition.