Louis Poulsen Panthella

Louis Poulsen Panthella

Explore the Panthella Collection by Louis Poulsen – a timeless testament to Danish craftsmanship and lighting design by Verner Panton. With its non-glaring light, soft geometric silhouette, and the introduction of the new brass metallised finish, Panthella embodies elegance and innovation.

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Louis Poulsen's Panthella collection: Timeless Luminaires

In spring 2021, Louis Poulsen celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Verner Panton's iconic Panthella Table lamp with a stunning revamp. The Panthella collection is known for its glare-free, soft, comfortable light. The distinctive opal acrylic screen provides diffused, comfortable light due to the screen being translucent, the inner screen reflecting light downward, and the reflection from the trumpet-shaped stand. A model that has been proudly presented in many homes and professional settings whether as a floor or table lamp.

Verner Panton's design legacy shines through Panthella

Originally crafted in 1971 by Danish architect Verner Panton, the Panthella lamp has stood the test of time as one of his most beloved design icons. Its unique non-glaring light and soft, mushroom-shaped silhouette continue to illuminate spaces beautifully, showcasing Panton's mastery of atmospheric illumination and timeless design. 

Louis Poulsen Store by ACE Lighting

Visit Louis Poulsen store by ACE Lighting to explore a wide range of exquisite Louis Poulsen luminaires, including the newly added Panthella Portable 250 and the Spring-like Pale Rose collection. Our store, located in Oudaan, Antwerp, is your destination for discovering iconic lighting solutions that elevate your space.

Can't make it to our physical store? No worries! You can also find our Louis Poulsen products here on our webshop. Shop online and bring the timeless elegance of Louis Poulsen lighting into your home or workspace. For any luminaires, you may not find online, please contact us and we will help you further.