Axel Meise, driving force behind Occhio, started self-taught with light design already in 1987. In the idea that every space needs a certain and specific light solution, Meise launched “Occhio” in 1999. Visit our Occhio Brand Store by ACE Lighting and let our specialist configure your ideal Occhio lamp. Become a part of the new culture of light.

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In his constant search for a complete system to address this spatial complexity, Axel Meise has introduced several series already, where innovation and design go hand in hand. Being a market leader in Germany, Occhio stands for light as evolution, atmosphere and quality.

Up until now there have been launched three big series being; the L series, the M series and the Mito. The L series consist of a modular spot system, suitable for both private as public atmospheres. Extensive, expandable and a unique quality of light form the specific conditions for an overarching design.

The M series consist of three different personalities with three different elaboration. Io (I), a sphere, Lui (he) a cylinder and Lei (she), a cone.

Mito is the newest serie, inspired by the annual rings of a tree. With a simple touch the light goes on, and there is also the possibility to control the light via bluetooth or proximity sensor. Both height and colour are variable, the possibilities are infinite.

With a dedicated Occhio shop ACE Lighting is a proud distributor.