Occhio Mito

Occhio Mito

Occhio's masterpiece - Mito unites exquisite design with the pinnacle of innovation. Its distinctive cut gives Mito its unparalleled look, and its revolutionary lighting technology allows you to adjust the fixture as if by magic.

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Mito, a new culture of light

The myth of light - Mito combines iconic design, fascinating lighting quality and innovative ways of handling light into one all-encompassing system - creating entirely new ways of experiencing light. Mito is a comprehensive range of differentpendant lamps,ceiling lamps , floor lamps and mirrors.

The lamps are equipped with the latest technologies such as touchless control, up/down fading, color tune and a presence sensor. Like all Occhio lighting, the Mito collection can be controlled remotely with the 'Occhio Air App' for your utmost comfort.

Mito Sospeso, it has to be perfect to be simple

Featuring artful craftsmanship, just like a piece of jewelry, Mito sospeso becomes an expressive design element in the room. With its unique features, Mito sospeso enables an intense play with light - depending on desire and mood. Change the atmosphere in the room as if by magic. Mito sospeso is also available in the new color phantom.

Height adjustment

Thanks to the advanced rolling mechanism, the height of Mito sospeso can be adjusted as needed. A slight nuance upwards or a gentle push down brings the fixture to the desired height - and it always remains balanced.

The magic of touch

One gesture is enough: Occhio's "touchless control" allows the light to be switched, dimmed and dimmed up or down with simple hand movements. All without switches, dimmers and the like.

Color tune

Via "touchless control", Occhio air or preset - with "color tune" you can decide which color temperature you want. Whether you choose warm tones for a relaxing evening or stimulating, cooler light to get your work done. With Mito, it's your choice - at any time.

Colors - Live your style

The Mito Sospeso is available in 7 different colors: phantom, rose gold, bronze, matte gold, matte silver, matte white and matte black. So you can choose the best combination for your interior.

Other variations of Mito

In addition to the Mito sospeso, there are other variations of the Mito: the ceiling lamp Soffitto, the round mirror with built-in led lights Sfera, floor lamps Raggio and Largo.

Mito Linear - Office lighting

The new form of light - purist design, revolutionary lighting technology and innovative control options: Mito linear opens up new forms of light design. Available as hanglamp Volo and free-standing lamps Terra and Terra 3d.