Prolicht believes creativity should not be limited by matters such as stock or minimum order quantities. This brand goes the extra mile to achieve ultimate excellence. With the help of their 'High-Tech-Manufactory', they produce lighting according to your wishes. Thus abandoning the concept of mass production and making individual configuration possible for the right mood light and the perfect atmosphere, matching the architecture of your home.

To meet your unique needs and requirements, Prolicht has created individual and customized lighting solutions for its range. Created to create the perfect atmosphere in a room, matching your architecture. Because every task and every customer requirement is different, the adaptability of our products makes the crucial difference. It allows you to create the right lighting mood and the perfect atmosphere in the room, without limiting your creative freedom. That is why Prolicht can produce a completely individual lighting solution for you. Tailored to your wishes and requirements. Made in record time. Delivered on time. According to the latest technology. And sustainably produced in the Tyrolean Alps.

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