Kuro Dito

KURO DITO spotlights are round recessed spotlights and have a modern, sleek design. These lamps not only create atmosphere and cosiness but also have a beautiful design. They are suitable for residential use and are dimmable. In addition, we distinguish between adjustable versus non-adjustable spots and high voltage versus low voltage spots. Adjustable recessed spots are tiltable/turnable and non-adjustable recessed spots are not directional and therefore not tiltable. High voltage spots, on the other hand, are high voltage spots that you can connect to 220 V. They are easier to connect because they don't need a driver and are slightly cheaper than low voltage spots. With low voltage spots, both the wattage is higher and the CRI value so it gives off more light. It is also very suitable for the bathroom while this is not the case with high voltage spotlights.