Astep was founded in 2014 by Italian light designer Alessandro Sarfatti.

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Astep creates and curates lighting objects that aim to contribute to the evolution of high-end lighting products. Taking lighting in new, innovative directions requires understanding and respect for tradition. They combine the experience, the future-oriented outlook and the passion for lighting design that has been nurtured in the Sarfatti family for three generations with new knowledge and an open mind in a continued quest for substance and meaningful design.

Honouring the vivid Italian design tradition and the Sarfatti legacy, Astep explores and challenges the art of illumination in modern living. From the creation of new lighting inventions in collaboration with visionary contemporary designers to the revitalization of luminous masterpieces from the past. Masterpieces that were shaped by a forward-looking attitude and which not only hold a special place in the Sarfatti family and Italian design history but also maintain their appeal as timeless inventions.