BOMMA is a Czech company known for its signature designs that evoke grace and delight. They are often minimalist yet daring, using colours, light and new technologies to create breathtaking designs. Through our dealership with this impressive company, you can now bring these globally recognised designs into your home!

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BOMMA's lighting collection is excellent for private or public interior use. Their products combine contemporary design, traditional craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

The designs within the BOMMA collection enjoy global recognition as international designers and interior architects have praised the brand over the years.

BOMMA's philosophy

Minimalist yet challenging, these are BOMMA's globally recognised products. They offer a range of lamps, from striking to soft ambient light. BOMMA's design philosophy encourages designing products that are more than just fads and that will still fit perfectly within your interior because they are future-proof.

BOMMA's pendant collection







Curious about these collections? We display a number of these beautiful lamps in our showroom. Ask our lighting consultants for advice and they will help you create the perfect composition. BOMMA lamps can only be ordered on-site.


A play of different transparent colours in the form of bubbles that seem to float serenely.

The Soap collection is moulded using a hand-blowing technique, where the glass is shaped on-site. The glassblowers gave this collection the semblance of a perfect drop and created a beautiful unique colour spectrum for this.

Within this collection, you can choose from a range of colours for the pendant lights, mainly gold, silver, blue, transparent, green with a purple glow, etc., creating a colour play to your liking.

In need of professional advice? You can always contact our lighting consultants at ACE Lighting.


BOMMA and Rückl Glassworks present their crystal collection designed by Rony Plesl, the Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis refers to a transformation from one form to another: the transformation of crystal into a beautifully illuminated jewel within any interior.

This collection came about through the collaboration of craftsmen who delicately and precisely accomplished technical executions such as cutting geometric patterns in the hand-blown crystals. Furthermore, these amber, clear or cigar-coloured crystals are brought to life by the internal light source, creating a beautiful soft light.

Rony Plesl

Rony Plesl, the designer of this captivating collection, brought the Metamorphosis design to life in collaboration with Rückl Glassworks. You will find the most iconic aspects of BOMMA when looking at these lights, namely precision, sharpness and geometry of each cut-out.

"Combined with light, they create an outstanding experience. Each individual component is a unique stand-alone piece, resembling the fruit of a tree that enhances any composition. BOMMA Constellation by Rückl is a true rarity in the world of lighting.”


Elegant and vibrant, that's BOMMA's new collection, Mussels. As the word implies, these glass lamps are cast in the shape of mussels. Two crystal shells surround the light source nestled in a precise fitting available in shiny anthracite or brushed gold shades. The glass shells have a wavy pattern that, when lit, gives the effect of light reflecting off a water surface.

Hence, Mussels finds its inspiration in organic shapes as well as natural colours and surroundings. The designer and creative director of this collection, Václav Mlynář, said regarding his designs, “Shells, and particularly mussels, always fascinated me with their simple, yet sophisticated, shape. Each is an original but together they form interesting compositions. They carry a sense of elegance and organic nature, as well as a bit of mystery.”

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