Brokis’ story started in 1997 when founder Jan Rabell decided to take over an old glass factory in the South of the Czech Republic. After almost ten years of learning and experimenting with lighting technologies he founded his own company: Brokis.

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The company’s core activity is to produce premium glass, pendant, table, floor and wall lighting. While producing lighting the usage of an age-old Bohemian glassblowing technology often results in functional yet decorative designs. Other than glass, materials such as wood and hand-pressed metal are essential throughout the production.

Over the years the company has won numerous awards in prestigious design competitions. A well-known designer of the Brokis family is Lucie Koldova. Her emotions, being a huge inspiration and influence, allow her to create colourful and disproportionate designs. Brokis offers every family, architect, interior designer the opportunity to try out their contemporary designs with bold and unique compositions.