Jieldé is a French lighting company that was founded by Jean-Louis Domecq in 1953. He decided to launch the company after being frustrated by a lack of light sources to equip the workstations of his facility.

His first design, a lamp system, was followed by a table, floor, and wall-mounted versions of that same system. The fixture was designed a multi-joint, articulated arm embodied in a super robust construction.

Marie-Françoise, Domecq’s daughter, took charge of the company after her father passed away. Until this day the Jieldé lamps are made in Lyon, this according to the same unique and traditional methods. The same methods that set the tone for its success; a production of functional and high performance lamps.

The Jieldé lamp is made of aluminum, which makes it very robust. It was designed by Jean-Louis Domecq, a French engineer, in 1951. There are many different Jieldé lamps and there is variation in the number of arms. The lamps are also stylish and timeless and suitable for any interior.

The collection has been hitting the general public since the 90s, as it leaves the industrial world in time to finally light up the interiors of our homes, always furnishing them with character. What has not changed is the production: the lamps have always been made by hand, with the original tools, in the workshops of Saint Priest, near the suburbs of Lyon. The brand is managed by a team of founders, stamps, fitters, painters who give it a 100% French production. In this collection one can find pendant lamps as well as wall, desk and floor lamps. The focus in our store is on the famous Loft and Signal series. Thanks to the adjustable arm, you can control where you let the light shine in your home. The Jieldé lamps are also always durable, available in a large number of RAL colors and provided with a number for a unique signature. Vintage and modern, timeless and bespoke, the Jieldé lamp is of its time and continues to shine the name of its brilliant inventor not only in France, but all over the world.

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