Moooi Carpets

Moooi Carpets

Moooi Carpets is a high-quality brand of carpets and rugs with exceptional designs. The designers involved combine thoughtful design with experience and technical knowledge, resulting in breathtaking floor coverings. Thanks to numerous options, the brand offers creative flooring solutions for the hospitality, leisure and office market, regardless of the size or scale of each project.

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Fabric, shape and dimensions

All rugs by Moooi Carpets are available in three different types of fabric: Low Pile Polyamide, Soft Yarn Polyamide and Wool.

Rugs made of polyamide are generally the preferred choice. The difference between Low Pile Polyamide and Soft Yarn Polyamide carpets is explained by the length of the upright threads. Both types come with distinctive advantages and disadvantages. In Low Pile rugs, the threads of the rug are shorter, which results in a little rougher feeling. Furthermore, the print of the art design in short-pile rugs looks slightly sharper. In addition, they are easier to maintain and are therefore more suitable for areas with a high frequency of use, such as company offices or publicly accessible spaces. Because the production of Low Pile carpets requires less material, the delivery time tends to be shorter.

With Soft Yarn Polyamide carpets, the threads of each rug are longer, which creates a softer and fuller effect. This makes them best suitable for residential use. Because more material is needed to produce them, the delivery time is slightly longer, also resulting in elevated pricing.

Most art designs are available in various shapes: as a rectangle, square, circle or multangular. Each shape is usually available in two or more different sizes. The ideal size for a rectangular rug under a dining table is 200 x 300 cm.

Available to order

The full rug collection by Moooi Carpets is available to order at ACE Lighting. Most designs are also available as wall-to-wall carpet (broad loom). For more information about all the possibilities, feel free to contact us.

On display at our stores

Come and discover a few Moooi Carpets designs live at our boutique’s showroom in the heart of Antwerp. We also have a catalogue with samples available so that we can help you find the perfect fit for your interior.