Moooi Heracleum III

Moooi Heracleum III

The Heracleum III collection by Moooi was inspired by its namesake plant, the Heracleum. Its many branches, shape and white leaves are represented in this spectacular design by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. Find the Heracleum III Suspended Small and Large and the Heracleum III Linear here.

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Heracleum III collection

Heracleum III Suspended and Linear pendants

The Heracleum III collection is a perfect product of nature meeting technology thanks to the innovative technology used in this plant-like design. Its namesake, the Heracleum plant, is known for its white leaves and many branches and it is able to grow up to 5 metres tall. The Heracleum III pendant collection by Bertjan Pot has these distinct features incorporated into its design, such as the many branches and the withe leaves represented by LED lights on each end.

At ACE Lighting, you can find the Heracleum III Suspended Small and Large pendants and the Heracleum III Linear pendant. The Suspended pendants are available in two sizes and four different colours (green, copper, nickel and white), the Linear is one-sized and available in the same four colours.

Bertjan Pot

Bertjan Pot (1975- Rotterdam, The Netherlands) is a Dutch designer who loves exploring the various possibilities of materials. He is best known for his Masks and Random Light (1999) as well as other works that can be viewed in several museums in the Netherlands and across the world, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK), FNAC (French National Art Collection) and MoMa New York.

He is known to design interior products that reflect his curiosity for techniques, structures, patterns and colours. His ingenious designs have awarded him various awards throughout his career, e.g. SANOMA Woon Award (2007), Dutch Design Prize (2007), the Interior Innovation Award (2012) and more.

Just like most of his other designs, the Heracleum started out as an experiment. He tried his hands on LED lighting and found inspiration in nature by shaping the light fixture into a branch structure.

Bertjan realised the hurdles of his own design and contacted Moooi with his idea as well as with the proposal to realise his Heracleum LED lighting design through a partnership with Marcel Wanders Studio for their lighting solution 'Electrosandwich'. They provide a conductive layer which proved to be perfect for Bertjan's idea: this technique supplied his LEDs with power and gave his design a more slender look!

This is how he realised his Heracleum design through the power of will and collaboration.

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