Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille - a story that lives

The Mouille legacy

Serge Mouille, born in Paris in 1922, had a fascination with nature from childhood. He often visited the Jardin de Paris where he studied and drew various plants and animals. These natural elements, such as the fine lines in plants and the anatomy of animals, would form the basis of his future designs.

At the recommendation of his art teacher, he enrolled at the School of Applied Arts in Paris, where he learned metallurgy and silversmithing from world-renowned sculptor Gabriel René Lacroix.

In 1945, Serge Mouille started his own metalworking studio at the age of 22. At that time, his design commissions were mainly for railings, chandeliers and wall sconces.

In 1953, Jacques Adnet commissioned him to design lighting fixtures; these designs often consisted of luminaires with multiple arms and narrow dimensions. Mouille aimed for a design with a sculptural aesthetic that gave the feeling of movement. From then on, Mouille devoted his entire life to lighting design. Many of his works from this period can still be found at the Steph Simon Gallery in Paris.

In 1955, he became a member of the Society of Decorative Artists and of the French National Art Society. That same year, he received the Charles Plumet Prize for his work and art. Three years later, he received an Honorary Diploma at the Brussels Expo. He would continue to design light fixtures years later and draw inspiration from various elements, including neon lights, before starting a new career as a teacher at the École des Arts Appliques. In 1988, he passed away at the age of 66.

Famous works - les Editions de Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille is especially known for the following lights: “Oeil”’ (1953), “Flammes” (1954) and “Saturn” (1958). One of the constants in his designs is the black-painted metal materials, elaborated in a minimal way. Mouille strived for kinetic, sculptural beauty, causing a sense of movement inside of space. every year 1500 pieces are produced and distributed worldwide.

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