Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is one of Britain's leading fashion designers. He is celebrated for his creative aesthetic, combining tradition and modernity. Mainly known for his self-named clothing line, the Englishman also loves to participate in collaborations with other creative sectors such as the design lighting industry. For British lighting brand Anglepoise, Smith has re-imagined the popular lamp series Type 75 using surprising colour palettes.

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Paul Smith (born on July 5, 1946) is a renowned British fashion designer and the founder of the world-famous brand "Paul Smith". He is known for his unconventional approach to fashion, combining playful colours, patterns, and details with classic styles.

Smith started his career as a menswear salesman before establishing his own fashion house in Nottingham in 1970. His unique vision and innovative designs quickly gained global recognition and success. Today, he has stores all over the world and is considered a pioneer in the fashion industry.

In addition to his work in fashion, Paul Smith has collaborated with various brands to extend his creativity to other design areas. One of his notable collaborations is with the well-known British lighting brand Anglepoise, for which he has designed a collection of desk lamps. The Paul Smith x Anglepoise desk lamps are characterized by their playful colour combinations and contemporary designs, combining the classic shape of the Anglepoise lamp with Paul Smith's unique flair.

Paul Smith has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to the fashion and design world, and his influence continues to expand. His creativity, innovation, and distinctive style have made him a prominent figure in both the fashion and design worlds, and his collection of desk lamps for Anglepoise is a testament to his versatility and unique design language.