Clamp Lights

Clamp Lights

Don't have space for a desk lamp on a base? Go for a handy clamp light you can move and place wherever you need to shine a light.

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Endless options

A clamp lamp may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the most flexible lighting, but a clamp lamp can be mounted anywhere. On the desk? Check! On the cot? Check! On the bookcase? Check! The possibilities of clamp lamps are endless. Another big advantage of clamp lamps is that you don't have to drill a hole. In that way, your desk or bookcase remains untouched. Will that old bookcase still go out the door? You can remove the clamp lamp in no time and mount it flawlessly on the new one!


A clamp lamp with adjustable arm or 'gooseneck' ensures that your clamp lamp always thrives, in any context Some classic design lamps of which there is also a clamp version are for example the retro/vintage Anglepoise 1227 or the modern Flos Kelvin Edge.